We offer pan-european bulk logistics and general cargo transports in diverse container modules. Our customized intermodal concepts are the perfect solution for the sensitive food sector as well as for the demanding chemical industry.



Our road transports are the alternative to combined traffic routing. The strict differentiated state-of-the-art means of transportation fulfill the requirements for food and chemical goods transportation.



Global door-to-door transportation by sea broadens our logistic services. We also offer the service of transferring big bags and subsequent distribution of bulk cargo in the receiving country. Our network ensures the execution of these services by local staff who is qualified according to our standards.

Quality awareness is the base of our corporate philosophy
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Things get going – we act purposefully, flexibly and reliably. We get things moving. We set high standards and meet them every day. All our logistic services are economically and ecologically focused.

Our corporate success is based on the following pillars:

Quality, safety and ecological consciousness.


Company foundation, based in Mannheim, Germany

Successful implementation of an intermodal logistics concept for the green coffee supply chain. Former bagged goods delivery to the roasting plant by truck changed to intermodal delivery by bulk. The 30ft letter bulk boxes that are specially ordered for this logistic concept can economically be returned with outbound pallet goods.

Development of European South/South-East axis under the name of “Silk Road Intermodal” and implementation of appropriate silo bulk concepts together with Turkey – Southbound for the petrochemical industry and northbound for the automotive sector.

Expansion of container fleet by new construction of 30×30 ft letter bulk boxes.

First DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for all logistic activities by Bureau Veritas. The bulk sector as well as the general cargo division are certified for rail, road and sea activities.

Enforced development of road silo sector and recruiting of capable subcontractors for transport to Southern and Eastern Europe. The existing intermodal transports for Southern and Eastern Europe are supplemented this way and geographically condensed.

First attestation by Bureau Veritas according to SQAS guidelines of Association of European Chemical Industry CEFIC.

Expansion of container fleet by 30ft aluminum silo boxes and 40ft aluminum pressure tanks.

Expansion of services sector by refill and warehouse activities for bulk cargo in big bags. Development of refilling facility near Frankfurt/Main for packing of granulated goods of hazard class 8.

Expansion of equipment service activities in the food industry. The historically grown coffee logistics sector is enhanced by the products sugar and rice through renowned customers.

Relocation of refilling activities from Frankfurt/Main to the infrastructurally better location of Duisburg. After taking over complete logistical supply chains, Duisburg stands out as the better location in conjunction with overseas activities.

The road haulage sector comprises approximately 30 qualified partners with a total of 130 silo trucks.

Requests and partnerships with the food industry increase. Former road haulage activities through reputable shippers as well as receivers are restructured in various ways based on intermodal concepts. These concepts not only cover changed transport routings as such, but also high quality execution and assurance according to HACCP conditions.

Expansion of deep sea activities in bulk sector as well as in general cargo by taking over various supply chains.

As food logistics activities demand considerable attention from organizational as well as technical handling, IFS food certification takes place.

With the foundation of the branch office in Bremen, the expertice deepens in the global sea transport sector for FCL / LCL cargo in import as well as for export. At the same time the connection to international seaports through local competence is established.

30ft Silo Boxes

  • For use of free-flowing silo products of all kind
  • Pressureless lightweight aluminum construction
  • 4 symmetrical manholes for loading
  • Tipping chassis for unloading and rotary valve for pneumatic discharge
  • Capacity: 49m3 – 56m3

30ft Letter Bulk Boxes

  • For use of silo products with or without inlets (bag in box)
  • Suitable for combination of bulk and pallet take over
  • 4 symmetrical manholes for bulk loading
  • Accessible to forklifts for loading pallets
  • Bulk unloading in free fall or pneumatically through letter hatches on the door side
  • Capacity: 52m3 – 56m3 or 22 Europallets

20ft Pressure Tanks for ADR/IMO

  • For use for hazardous silo products class 6 and 8
  • Various construction types and loading and unloading systems
  • Partially with inner coating
  • Capacity: 17m3 – 26m3

30ft und 40ft Pressure Tanks

  • For use of silo products of all kind
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Tipping chassis for pneumatic discharge
  • Alternatively suitable for intermodal or road transportation
  • Capacity: 49m3 – 61m3

20ft Box Container for Silo Products

  • For use of silo products in overseas transportation
  • Special liner bag kit for loading and unloading of free-flowing goods
  • Unloading through tipping chassis respectively rotary valve for pneumatic discharge

Road Silo Trucks

  • For use of silo products of all kind
  • State-of-the-art tank constructions and emission standards, Euro 5 and 6 compliant
  • Unloading through onboard tipping and compressor system – if required with cooled compressed air
  • Capacity: 56m3 – 66m3


Headquarter Mannheim

Branch Bremen

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